Kadybrook Farm - Community Education through Animals and Agriculture
July 2012
Kadybrook Farm moved to Snohomish and no longer is producing pastured poultry or selling eggs.  We have downsized the farm to just our critters. Another day...another time....maybe. However, we are still providing hands-on opportunities to people by using our resources in the community. 
The phrase of the 2011 season was: Straw Bale Gardens
This year we experimented with growing many of our fresh vegetables in straw bales.  They aren't pretty once they start to compost.  We found they lacked enough nutrient retention for our crops.  Lettuce did fine, but the others suffered.  We will definitely try another method of veggies next year. Lessons learned.
Kadybrook Farm was named after Kady, the most fascinating, loving, hunting, pretty-pretty princess farm dog poodle in the world.  She has been my partner for the last 8 years in building a farm to educate the community about sustainable living, including meat and egg production, container gardening and the conservation of water and natural resources.
We use animals and agriculture for our own use as well as to educate about where food comes from.  As consumers, we have choices to make and it is important to gain the knowledge and experience to make informed decisions.
The farm is located in Snohomish, my hometown.  We hope that we can share some of our stories, lessons learned and great ideas for sustainable hobby farming.  With a little creativity, you would be amazed what you can create in your own back yard.
Think Natural...Buy Local
Stacy Lischke
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